Mapping article on ICT innovation in EU regions published

The Journal of the Knowledge Economy just published our open access article “Regional ICT Innovation in the European Union: Prioritization and Performance (2008–2012)”, which maps the political prioritization of ICT innovation in EU regions and their actual performance in terms of broadband expansion during the programming period 2008-2012 of the European Regional Development Fund.

The key finding is well summarized in the abstract: “In line with ideas of rational strategic management, our working hypothesis states that regions with a dedicated strategy should display better performance. However, our findings suggest that having a dedicated ICT strategy has not had a clear effect on performance in terms of Internet and broadband access, while allocating dedicated ERDF and other expenditure to Internet infrastructure has had a positive effect.”

The paper is a spin-off from Pau Palop García‘s Master thesis, which was supervised by Björn Niehaves as the Professor for E-Governance & Innovation at Hertie School, mentored by me and supported and co-authored by Alexander Kleibrink and Jens Sörvik at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.


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