PhD in Public Administration

A list of all substantial courses which I attended as part of my doctoral studies.

Winter 2014/2015 & summer 2015

Public Administrations and Organizational Theory

Methods of Organizational and Administrative Research



Master of Arts Public Policy & Management

A list of all substantial courses which I attended during my graduate studies at Universität Potsdam from 2010 to 2013.

Winter 2010/2011

Business Systems and Varieties of Capitalism

Denationalization and Privatisation: Institutional Change in the Public Sector

Public Management A

Field: Public Management

Taught by Prof. Proeller

As part of the lecture, I produced a case study on change management and a presentation on public accounting systems (both in German).

Government and Governance in Developing Countries


Summer 2011

Selected Aspects of Public Management

Field: Public Management

Taught by Prof. Proeller

Training Research Project on Case Studies in Public Management

Field: Public Management, Case Study Research

Taught by Prof. Proeller

As part of the course, I produced a presentation on multi-case study research (in German).

My group explored the use of key performance indicators with Berlin’s police.

Introduction to Institutional Ethnography

Field: Institutional Ethnography, Sociology of Law

Taught by Dr. Scheffer

As an exercise, I conducted an institutional ethnography of Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken‘s small-scale grant selection committee.


Winter 2011/2012

Consulting Practice in Public Management

Field: Public Management

A mock consulting job for ]init[ AG, where my group conducted a study on mobile citizen services in German municipalities.

Influencing the Policy Process: actors, instruments, legitimacy

Field: Public Policy, Lobbying

Taught by Dr. Humborg

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on associations as interest groups (in German).

Current Topics of E-Government

Field: E-Government

Taught by Dr. Proske

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on apps and portals in m-government (in German).


Summer 2012

Transcultural Political Theory

Financial markets from the perspective of (economic) sociology

Field: Economic Sociology

Taught by Prof. Lohr

Qualitative Methods: Interviews, Text Analysis and Observation

Field: Qualitative Research

Taught by Prof. Vetterlein

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on participant observation.


Winter 2012

Postcolonial Theory

Field: Postcolonial Theory

Taught by Laura Stielike 


Bachelor of Arts Political Science & Economics

A list of all substantial courses which I attended during my undergraduate studies at WWU Münster.

Winter 2006/2007

Introduction to Political Science

Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany

Field: Politics of Germany

Taught by Prof. Robert

As part of the course, I produced a presentation on Ernst Fraenkel’s structural analysis of modern democracy (in German). 

Statistics I

Business Accounting

Field: Accounting

Taught by Prof. Krafft

Summer 2007

International Politics

Comparative Political Science

Statistics II


Field: Microeconomics

Taught by Prof. Krol

Introduction to Business Administration

Field: Management

Taught by Prof. Dilger

Winter term 2007/2008

Emerging Markets and Economic Growth in Subsahara Africa

Field: Development Studies

Taught by Prof. van den Boom

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on Ghana as a development dictatorship (in German).

Social Policy

Field: Social Policy

Taught by Hendrik Meyer.

As part of the seminar, I wrote an essay on dual hospital financing in the German health system (in German).

Microfinance and International Finance: Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment II

Modeling and Simulation: Software-supported Analysis

Field: Social Simulation

Taught by Prof. Bresinsky

In the seminar, we simulated the Darfur conflict using the system simulation software Vensim.

Economic and Financial Policy

Field: Economic Policy

Taught by Prof. Apolte

European Economic Policy

Public Choice Theory

Field: Public Choice

Taught by Prof. Apolte


Field: Macroeconomics

Taught by Prof. Apolte

Summer term 2008

Transatlantic Governance and Regulation of the (Subprime) Financial Crisis

Growth, (Sustainable) Development and Beyond

Introduction to Political Economy

Welfare Systems in Europe

Field: Comparative Welfare Systems

Taught by Prof. Apolte & Dr. Schulze Buschoff

As part of the course, I wrote an essay on parental benefits in Sweden (German)

Economic Growth and Development

Field: Economic Growth

Taught by Eric Meyer

Competition Policy

Winter 2008/2009

Introduction to Development Cooperation

Non-Governmental Organisations in Development Policy

Crisis and Regulation in Global Financial Markets

Constitutional Economics

Happiness Economics

Summer 2009

Introduction to Anarchism

Management of Non-Profit Organisations

Winter 2009/2010

Principles of Economic Policy & Principles of Regulation

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