Teaching a seminar on digital campaigning in local elections

In the winter semester 2017/2018, I tought a block seminar on “Digital Campaigning and Big Data in Local Elections” at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, together with Franz Knoppe. The research seminar sought to explore new digital tools in political campaigns and their applicability to the German municipal context. The participants were predominantly bachelor students of information …    read more »

Workshop on Data-Driven Government at EPPC 2017 in Prague

In April 2017, I held a workshop on “Visions of Data-Driven Government” at the European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) in Prague. The EPPC is organized by students of the Hertie School of Governance and held in a different European city every year. This year’s conference topic was “Democracy in a Digital Age” and thus matched …    read more »

Teaching qualitative methods in Merseburg

In October 2015, I tought a block seminar on qualitative research methods as an adjunct in Merseburg. The course was part of the Bachelor program in Social Work, which is one of the flagship degrees of the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. Since I held the seminar in English, only a tiny group of students …    read more »