Zoon Politikon established

After almost one year of preparation, we finally held the foundation meeting for “Zoon Politikon – Workshop for Politics & Economy” on April 16/17 in my flat in Berlin. Eight people attended, two more by proxy. Although there were lively discussions about what we want to do, how we want to do it and how we …    read more »

Talking BA thesis and sustainability with Oikos International

My bachelor thesis, which received its final touches at a kitchen table in Cebu City, deals with the rather philosophical question: “How revolutionary is microfinance really?”. Although not directly dealing with questions of sustainability, the thesis still made a solid 5th place at Oikos International‘s Bachelor Thesis Award. As part of the award, my thesis was published on …    read more »

Exploring microfinance in the Visayas with an ASA scholarship

Cell tower in the Philippines

In February 2010, I was selected to go to the Philippines with a scholarship by the German government’s ASA scholarship. This included not only a three-month field study in the Philippines from August to November 2010, but also two preparation seminars in Germany. With my project partner Sarah, I was placed at the Cebu City …    read more »

A “random” Flickr slideshow for WordPress

"Sarangkot Sunrise, Pokhara, Nepal" by Dhilung Kirat

Back in my hardcoding PHP days, I built a homepage for the honorary consulate of Nepal for my father. Looking back, I can’t really agree with my concept of good webdesign back then (just look at that old page). However, one idea still strikes me as good for a consular homepage: Showing random images from …    read more »

Neat little trick: Running WordPress from a subdirectory

While replacing the terribly outdated homepage of the honorary consulate of Nepal in Cologne for my father with a easy to maintain WordPress installation, I stumbled upon a useful little trick at TechCounter for running WordPress from a subdirectory while keeping your URLs uncluttered. Here is the gist: In WordPress’ General Options, keep your WordPress …    read more »