Plain drivers without the annoying software for Philips Wireless USB Adapter SNU5600

To connect my desktop PC to a local wireless network, I use an wireless USB adapter. This happens to be the Philips SNU5600 (not the catchiest name, btw), for no special reason but rather because it was on sale when I was looking for this solution.

One thing that annoys me about my SNU5600 is the software that comes with it. I really do not need a special software to connect to my wi-fi, especially when it does not offer any additional (useful) functionalities in comparison to Windows and even fails at setting up more sophisticated networks.

However, Philips driver website does not offer any standalone drivers, just a software-driver bundle. And when you deinstall the software, the drivers magically vanish, too.

A short hunting trip on google did not yield any results, so I took matters into my own hands. Luckily, I found the drivers on the CD which can be downloaded from the support website, hidden in the software folders.

As this CD package is about 200 MB, I though I might save some of you the wait and offer the driver files by themselves, as they are only about 350 kb.

Download drivers for Philips SNU5600 here

(If I somehow violate any rights of Philips over this driver, please tell me!)

3 thoughts on “Plain drivers without the annoying software for Philips Wireless USB Adapter SNU5600”

  1. Hi,

    did you try your driver for windows 7 32-bit?


    basanta Reply:

    Hi Davor, I didn’t try that driver on Windows 7 and most probably will not, since I got rid of my desktop PC. Sorry!



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