Speaking on Data-Driven Government at the IPSA World Congress in Poznań

In July 2016, I was invited to talk at the  24th World Congress of Political Science in Poznań, Poland. I presented a draft paper on how the emerging concept of “data-driven government” is constructed by management consultancies and technology providers in the panel “Public Administration and the Digital Turn”. To this end, I analysed about 50 reports and white papers by such companies with a special focus on the envisioned relation between government and citizens. I found that data-driven government substantially deviates from the participatory logic of the still dominant reform trajectory of Open Government and instead adheres to a strong managerial logic, and in fact resembles older notions of the consumerist “supermarket state”.

While the World Congress itself suffered from its oversized dimensions (with about 2800 scientists on site and roughly 40 parallel tracks in every slot), the city of Poznań proved to be most hospitable and certainly worth a visit.

Paper presentation “Foreshadowing Data-driven Government: Citizen-Government Interaction in Visions of the Data-powered State” (Paper  & Presentation) at the 24th World Congress of Political Science  in Poznań, 23-28 July 2016



Photo credits: Old marketplace and city hall in Poznań in 2012, licensed CC0 by David Castor

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