Blogging about Big Data in government for the Swiss Society for Administrative Sciences

I wrote a blog post for the Swiss Society for Administrative Sciences (SGVW), titled “Big Data in Administration: Opportunity with Pitfalls”, which provides a cursory overview of Big Data in government. For the most part, the article points out different existing applications for Big Data in the public sector and provides examples for each. I also briefly touch upon some critical aspects and point out a few forward-looking perspectives of where the use of Big Data might take the public sector, such as Agile Policymaking.

Writing the article was great fun as I just compiled and condensed things I already knew, without having to draw abstract conclusions.

I was recruited to write for the SGVW’s blog by a PhD student from Bern whom I met at the COST LocRef PhD Training on Innovation in Local Government in Greece, where I presented my PhD project in summer 2015.

Here’s the blog post (in German):

 Photo credit: "Federal Palace of Switzerland, Bern" by Flooffy (CC BY 2.0) 

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