Analysing Estonia’s X-Road information infrastructure in Kiel

On 13 September 2018, I joined the academic conference “Wissenschaftliche  Konferenz Staatsmodernisierung und Verwaltungstransformation” on e-government at the state parliament in Kiel. 

The conference was held by three German research institutions working on digital government: The German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) in Speyer, the National E-Government Competence Center (NEGZ), and the Competence Center for Public IT (ÖFIT), my employer.

My talk explored X-Road, the Estonian public information infrastructure, and its fit for the German public sector. The presentation was based on the interviews I led during my research stay in Tallinn in winter 2017.

Despite some technical difficulties (The projector failed exactly when I wanted to show a crucial schematic of the X-Road system.), the presentation sparked a lot of interest and I received valuable recommendations on which directions to continue this project in.

Offener Kanal Schleswig-Holstein taped the entire conference. You can watch my talk in the video below, starting around minute 53.

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