“Public Money Public Code” brochure translated to German

In March 2020, the German translation of the Public Money Public Code brochure by the Free Software Foundation Europe was published. The publication explores the potential of Free Software for the public sector, taking on misconceptions. In 2019, I had contributed a short article to the English original and later on presented the brochure at …    read more »

Talk on knowledge utilisation at a conference for municipal education monitoring

Kommunales Bildungsmonitoring (municipal education monitoring) is a government initiative with offices in municipalities all over Germany. All of these offices collect local data on education and training and try to feed their analyses back into municipal politics. In December 2019, I gave an invited talk at the initiative’s conference in Berlin. I focused on what …    read more »

Guest-edited special issue on Internet governance published

The Call for Student Papers on “Internet Governance as an Arena of International Politics” for the student journal Key Issues, which I put together and disseminated with my colleagues Nicole Opiela and Jens Tiemann in April 2019, yielded submissions from all over the world. Given the wide range of topics, from repressive national Internet governance …    read more »

Study on data-driven government for Neos Lab and the European Liberal Forum

In May 2019, Neos Lab, party think tank of the Austrian liberal party Neos, invited me to author a study on data-driven government for them. The idea was to assess data-driven government, meaning the use of algorithmic decisionmaking, Artificial Intelligence, and the like in the public sector, from the perspective of liberal political philosophy. The …    read more »

Inviting young researchers to ask the grand questions of government digitalisation

Young researchers from various academic disciplines are invited to gather in Münster on 4-5 June 2019 to present their work as posters, win poster awards and to identify the grand questions of German government digitalisation and how to answer them. Here’s the full invitation (in German): I initiated and organise the workshop under the roof …    read more »

Call for Student Papers: “Internet Governance as an Arena of International Politics”

On the occasion of the Internet Governance Forum 2019 being held in Berlin in November 2019, I orchestrated a special issue on Internet Governance in the Bremen-based student-run social science journal KEY ISSUES, guest edited by ÖFIT. I’ve been active as a reviewer for KEY ISSUES for a few years and was happy to take …    read more »