Case study on Smart City Berlin for adelphi consult

In Summer 2017, the Berlin-based sustainability consultancy adelphi consult contracted me to produce a case study on Smart City Berlin, i.e. Berlin government’s concepts and efforts to turn Berlin into a smart city. The case study is part of a larger report on smart cities in Germany for Deutsche Telekom AG which adelphi co-produces with Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik. The …    read more »

Evaluating the impact of the ASA program 2016

In early 2017, me and my companion Jacob Wunderwald successfully tendered for the impact assessment of the ASA program. We were contracted to conduct the assessments one and five years after individual participation in the ASA program. The assessment is carried out with online surveys which are to be improved, sent out and finally analysed.

Study on youth exchanges & digitalisation for the African-German Youth Initiative

In winter 2016, I successfully tendered for a little study on digital innovations in youth exchanges. Contractor was the newly established African-German Youth Initiative. The rather open task was to research and summarize what new possibilites for youth exchanges digital technologies have brought about, and to showcase examplary projects in Germany. I ended up distinguishing three types …    read more »

Storytelling analysis of Schüler Helfen Leben

In winter 2016, the German NGO “Schüler Helfen Leben” contracted me to conduct interviews with their “veterans” and to analyse the stories they told me. The results of my study would feed into an internal mission & vision process.

Assessing informal skills certification systems for ASA

In the spring of 2014, I took on a job for the ASA program. My task was to assess different possibilities to certify the skills ASA volunteers acquired in their volunteer work. The challenge here is that skills are acquired informally and within a peer-to-peer setting, so it is unclear on what basis to certify …    read more »