Expert quotes on digital solutions for rural areas in Tagesspiegel Background

In March 2020, the specialist publication “Tagesspiegel Background” published two articles presenting our study on digital solutions for rural areas, including a few quotes from an interview with me. 1. Article in “Tagesspiegel Background Digitalisierung & KI” presenting our study in general (in German, paywalled): 2. Article in ” Tagesspiegel Background Mobilität & Transport” focussing …    read more »

Blog post on desire and reality of Open Government Data

In March 2020, my colleague Hüseyin Sagkal and I published a blog post summarising the findings from a whitepaper on desire and reality of Open Government Data I had co-authored in 2019. Read the blog post here (in German):

“Public Money Public Code” brochure translated to German

In March 2020, the German translation of the Public Money Public Code brochure by the Free Software Foundation Europe was published. The publication explores the potential of Free Software for the public sector, taking on misconceptions. In 2019, I had contributed a short article to the English original and later on presented the brochure at …    read more »

Panel discussion on innovation in public procurement

In February 2020, I participated in a panel discussion on innovation in public procurement at the German “Day of the public contracting authority” at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. I was invited based on the whitepaper on strategic IT procurement I had written in 2019 and argued specifically for the introduction of …    read more »

Handbook chapter on data-driven government published

In February 2020, the article on data-driven government for a handbook on “digitalisation in government and public administration” that I had been working on since 2018 was finally published. Unfortunately, Open Access was not an option, so you can read it here behind a Springer paywall (in German): (You can also contact me for the …    read more »

Talk on knowledge utilisation at a conference for municipal education monitoring

Kommunales Bildungsmonitoring (municipal education monitoring) is a government initiative with offices in municipalities all over Germany. All of these offices collect local data on education and training and try to feed their analyses back into municipal politics. In December 2019, I gave an invited talk at the initiative’s conference in Berlin. I focused on what …    read more »