How to use social media as an academic – Training on Digital Science Communication

Bildungsforum Potsdam (credit: Lutki)

In November 2015, I attended a training on Digital Science Communication at the Potsdam Graduate School. The group consisted mostly of different kinds of biologists, including the trainer Johanna Havemann. Motivations ranged from using social media for personal profiling and marketing to using digital media for outreach in scientific projects. I was a bit lost as …    read more »

Examples of mixed-method approaches in neo-institutionalist research by Prof Renate Meyer

Uni Potsdam's House 7

In November 2015, Prof Renate Meyer (WU Wien) spent a few days at my Research Training Group WIPCAD as a guest researcher. Her work on New Institutionalism in Public Management has been a great influence on my dissertation project. (If you have the language skills, her books “Neoinstitutionalistische Organisationstheorie” and “Globale Managementkonzepte und lokaler Kontext” are incredibly useful …    read more »

Teaching qualitative methods in Merseburg

In October 2015, I tought a block seminar on qualitative research methods as an adjunct in Merseburg. The course was part of the Bachelor program in Social Work, which is one of the flagship degrees of the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. Since I held the seminar in English, only a tiny group of students …    read more »

Potsdam local newspaper prints short piece about my PhD project

After my interview for the Potsdam university magazine, the journalist asked me whether I wanted to write a short piece for the Märkische Allgemeine (MAZ), a local newspaper for the Potsdam region. The format called “My Project” appears regularly in the MAZ science pages. It entails only 1700 characters, has to be written from a first-person …    read more »

“Silent Politics” – Short article based on my master thesis published in Pacific Geographies

Pedestrian overpass in Iloilo City on the island of Panay (Credit: Jens Marquardt)

In January 2015, after presenting my master thesis on the role of Philippine chambers of commerce in the country’s democratization process at the Junior Researcher’s Conference of the German Association for Asian Studies at Burg Rothenfels, I was approached by a gentleman from the audience. It turned out to be Michael Waibel, editor of the …    read more »