Hosting yet another barcamp on the future of public administration

As in 2018, I was part of this years’ team behind “Barcamp U30 – Verwaltung der Zukunft”, a barcamp where young people working in and around government develop ideas on how to move public administration to the future. The barcamp took place in March 2019 at the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin.

This years’ edition focussed on digitalisation, knowledge management, intersectoral careers across the private and the public sector, non-hierarchical leadership, and new narratives of administration.

In contrast to last year, the initial barcamp generated ideas and established teams that will be substantiated into project plans that are as close to implementation as possible. These projekt plans will then be presented at the Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung, one of the leading conferences on the future of public administration in Germany.

Here’s a trailer of the initial barcamp day in March:

Reports (in German) and more photos are available at the barcamp website:

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