MA courses

A list of all substantial courses which I attended during my graduate studies in MA Public Policy & Management at Universität Potsdam from 2010 to 2013.

Winter term 2010/2011

Business Systems and Varieties of Capitalism

Denationalization and Privatisation: Institutional Change in the Public Sector

Field: sociology of public administration | taught by Prof. Edeling

As part of this course, I produced a presentation on privatization of water services (German).

Public Management A

Field: public management | taught by Prof. Proeller

As part of the lecture, I produced a case study on change management and a presentation on public accounting systems (both in German).

Government and Governance in Developing Countries

Field: development studies | taught by Prof. Fuhr


Summer term 2011

Selected Aspects of Public Management

Field: public management | taught by Prof. Proeller

Training Research Project on Case Studies in Public Management

Field: public management, case study research | taught by Prof. Proeller

As part of the project, I produced a presentation on multi-case study research (in German). 

Introduction to Institutional Ethnography


Winter term 2011/2012

Consulting Practice in Public Management

Field: public management

A mock consulting job for ]init[ AG, where my group did a study on mobile citizen services in German municipalities.

Influencing the Policy Process: actors, instruments, legitimacy

Field: public policy, lobbying | taught by Dr. Humborg

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on associations as interest groups (in German).

Current Topics of E-Government

Field: e-government | taught by Dr. Proske

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on apps and portals in m-government (in German).


Summer term 2012

Transcultural Political Theory

Financial markets from the perspective of (economic) sociology

Field: economic sociology | taught by Prof. Lohr

Qualitative Methods: Interviews, Text Analysis and Observation

Field: qualitative research | taught by Prof. Vetterlein

As part of the seminar, I produced a presentation on participant observation.


Winter term 2012

Postcolonial Theory

Field: postcolonialism | taught by Laura Stielike 

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