Potsdam university magazine reports on WIPCAD and my PhD project

In March 2015, my Research Training Group was approached by a journalist from Portal Wissen, the University of Potsdam’s magazine. They wanted to report on our Research Training Group and I happily volunteered to be interviewed along with one of my colleagues on our PhD projects. It was an interesting challenge to break down my …    read more »

Potsdam local newspaper prints short piece about my PhD project

After my interview for the Potsdam university magazine, the journalist asked me whether I wanted to write a short piece for the Märkische Allgemeine (MAZ), a local newspaper for the Potsdam region. The format called “My Project” appears regularly in the MAZ science pages. It entails only 1700 characters, has to be written from a first-person …    read more »

“Silent Politics” – Short article based on my master thesis published in Pacific Geographies

Pedestrian overpass in Iloilo City on the island of Panay (Credit: Jens Marquardt)

In January 2015, after presenting my master thesis on the role of Philippine chambers of commerce in the country’s democratization process at the Junior Researcher’s Conference of the German Association for Asian Studies at Burg Rothenfels, I was approached by a gentleman from the audience. It turned out to be Michael Waibel, editor of the …    read more »

Mapping article on ICT innovation in EU regions published

The Journal of the Knowledge Economy just published our open access article “Regional ICT Innovation in the European Union: Prioritization and Performance (2008–2012)”, which maps the political prioritization of ICT innovation in EU regions and their actual performance in terms of broadband expansion during the programming period 2008-2012 of the European Regional Development Fund. The key …    read more »

“Old white men are scared of the internet.” – Lessons from the German-Dutch Forum 2014

In summer 2014, I participated out of a whim in the Schwarzkopf Stiftung‘s Conference Detective program to report on the German-Dutch Forum 2014. As I arrived in Den Haag, where the event took place, I found out that the German-Dutch Forum – which I had never heard of – is an annual high-level meeting between Dutch …    read more »

Teaching cases in political science: A collective action problem

Kommandantenhaus Berlin

In June 2014, I attended a training offered by NRW School of Governance and Bertelsmann Stiftung at the Bertelsmann residence in Berlin (pictured above) on case teaching in political science. Cases render teaching more lively and hands-on while the analysis of a concrete and complex example provides valuable insights into theories and their applications. For a quick introduction to case teaching in …    read more »