Hosting a panel on AI in government at Nordl@nderDigital 2020

In December 2020, I hosted a panel discussion at the Nordl@nderDigital web conference on the topic of artificial intelligence in government. The Nordl@nderDigital conference adresses the digitalisation of government in the northern German federal states. For 1,5 hours, I pestered my three panelists with questions on AI and automation in public administration: Daniela Kolbe, Member …    read more »

Results from workshop on AI indicators for the German AI Observatory

On 26 May 2020, I attended an “Introductory workshop for the development of AI indicators in work and society” by the German AI Observatory at the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. At the workshop, experts from various organisations brainstormed how metrics for the progress of …    read more »

A too short introduction to e-government at DigitalDienstag

On 29 September 2020, I gave a scandalously short ten-minute introduction to e-government for a DigitalDienstag session on the digitalisation of politics and government. DigitalDienstag is a science communication series by Braunschweig’s House of Science which explores the digitalisation of different aspects of our society. What started out as physical events at Trafo Hub, a …    read more »

Blog post on debates and practices of Free and Open Source Software in German government published

In April 2020, I co-wrote a blog post with my colleague Hüseyin Sagkal retracing some of the debates and practices of Free and Open Source software in German public administrations. The aim was to provide a cursory overview and a link collection with no claim of comprehensiveness, as an additional resource to the Public Money …    read more »

Blog post on evidence-based public management published

In April 2020, I wrote a blog post with my colleague Hüseyin Sagkal summarising a white paper on the use of data for public management, especially enhanced control for the political leadership, . The original whitepaper was written by Juliane Schmeling, Anja Marx und Holger Kurrek. Here’s the blog post at (in German):