Panel discussion on innovation in public procurement

In February 2020, I participated in a panel discussion on innovation in public procurement at the German “Day of the public contracting authority” at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. I was invited based on the whitepaper on strategic IT procurement I had written in 2019 and argued specifically for the introduction of …    read more »

Handbook chapter on data-driven government published

In February 2020, the article on data-driven government for a handbook on “digitalisation in government and public administration” that I had been working on since 2018 was finally published. Unfortunately, Open Access was not an option, so you can read it here behind a Springer paywall (in German): (You can also contact me for the …    read more »

Whitepaper on desire and reality of Open Government Data co-published

In November 2019, ÖFIT published a whitepaper on Open Government Data in London, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna I had co-authored with Lisa Bieker, Lina Bruns and Christian Welzel. The paper examines the different promises of Open Data – economic growth, political participation, and social innovation – and contrasts this with sobering statistics on the use …    read more »

Slam on Free Software for the public sector at Smart Country Convention

In October 2019, I participated in the NEGZ Slam on “digital souvereignty” at the Smart Country Convention in Berlin. The Smart Country Convention is among the leading congresses on digital government in Germany. It is good that governments are concerned about improving and modernizing their different systems, the same should happen with you in your …    read more »

Guide for user-friendly digital public services published

In September 2019, we published a guide for user-friendly digital public services. The guide provides short and practice-oriented introductions to topics such as user-centric design, simple language, accessibility and technical aspects of mobile-readiness. For each topic, we lay out why government should bother, the core concepts of how to do it and the most important …    read more »

Impulse paper on machine-consumable legislation published

In September 2019, ÖFIT published an impulse paper by my colleagues Resa Mohabbat Kar, Simon Sebastian Hunt, Peter Parycek and me. The paper argues for the implementation of legal informatics with a focus on laws as machine-executable rules, digital data sources and a more interdisciplinary legislation process. Rather than going for a tempting lenghty theoretical …    read more »