Talking “Public Money, Public Code” at Netzpolitischer Abend

In March 2019, Katharina Nocun invited me to talk with her about our brochure “Public Money Public Code – Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software” at the 80th Netzpolitischer Abend.

Netzpolitischer Abend is a regular format on digital policy by Digitale Gesellschaft, a civil society organisation committed to civil rights and consumer protection in terms of internet policy, held at the hackerspace c-base in Berlin.

Katharina talked about the campaign and the brochure in general. I focussed on barriers for the procurement of more Free Software in the public sector. The talks were livestreamed, so you can watch our talk here:

Photo credit: "c-base_bar-01_final-05" by MeTaMiND EvoLuTioN MeTaVoLuTioN CC BY 2.0

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