“How to Procure Free Software”: Contribution to the “Public Money? Public Code!” campaign

In January 2019, the brochure “Public Money Public Code – Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software” was published by the Free Software Foundation Europe as part of their campaign “Public Money? Public Code!”. It contains a short article by me with a few very broad tips on how to procure Free Software as a public administration.

The campaign calls to make all software that is developed with public funds available as Free Software. As part of this, the FSFE produced an “expert brochure” on the uses, effects and advantages of Free Software.

Video of the “Public Money? Public Code!” campaign

As I’ve been looking intensely into public procurement of software in Germany for another project, my contribution to the brochure was an easy by-product. Additionally, I checked my findings with a few representatives of Free and Open Software interest groups to triangulate the perspectives of public administration which I had already gathered. You can learn about visitor log monitoring and more when it comes to software compliance of a company.

I fully recommend all the contributions to the brochure. Apart from easily digestible basic info like “10 Myths About Free Software”, there are a few pieces by true experts, e.g. on the business case and the impact on competition by Free Software, which contained new insights for me as well.

Update: Apparently, there is an audience for this.

Photo credits: CC-BY 4.0 fsfe.org & motionensemble.de 

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