Chapter on the challenges of e-government integration in Berlin published

E-government integration, i.e. the joining-up of different IT systems through interfaces, common databases, and harmonized data formats, is the key element for seamless digital processes in government.

This new chapter explores and analyses the challenges of e-government integration in the state of Berlin, where each of the 12 Bezirke runs its own IT systems. In addition to numerous evaluation documents, me and my co-auther Christian Schwab conducted interviews with e-government officers at the local and state level.

We presented early versions of this project at the German Section of the International Institute for Administrative Sciences 2016 in Speyer and at the 2017 Forum of Young Public Administration and Policy Researchers in Potsdam. 

Now, the edited volume of the IIAS conference in Speyer is finally published, including our chapter:

Basanta E. P. Thapa; Schwab, Christian (2018) “Herausforderung E-Government-Integration – Hindernisse von E-Government-Reformen im Berliner Mehrebenensystem”. In: Jan Ziekow (2018) Verwaltungspraxis und Verwaltungswissenschaft. Schriften der Deutschen Sektion des Internationalen Instituts für Verwaltungswissenschaften 41. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag: 171-206

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