Edited volume “(Un)berechenbar? Algorithmen und Automatisierung in Staat und Gesellschaft” published

After almost six months of work, the edited volume “(Un)berechenbar? Algorithmen und Automatisierung in Staat und Gesellschaft” on algorithms and automatisation in society and government is printed and published.

The book extends the ÖFIT2017 conference into the written realm, with contributions from conference speakers as well as new content from an open call for papers. 24 chapters from academia, civil society and members of parliament explore the potential uses and dangers of algorithmic systems in government, society and media. All contributions went through a meticulous review by the editors.

Apart from serving as co-editor, I contributed two chapters to the volume: One chapter called Data Analytics in Politik und Verwaltung” on the uses of data analytics in government and how these can potentially alter the policy cycle, based on Peter Parycek’s talk at the conference and extended with examples and thoughts from the work on my PhD project. The second chapter Vier wissenspolitische Herausforderungen einer datengetriebenen Verwaltung” takes a critical knowledge political perspective on data-driven government.

The book is a full-blown open access publication, freely available digitally (even as an epub-ebook) and can be ordered for free as print version from ÖFIT.

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