Exploring Berlin’s challenges in e-government integration in Speyer

In November 2016, me and my Potsdam colleague Christian Schwab presented the preliminary results of an exploratory study on the challenges of e-government integration in the multi-level government of Berlin. Based on interviews with government officers and official evaluations, we concluded that the digital integration of governmental business processes is nowadays not a technical challenge, but in many ways a typical case of public administration reform and the challenges of territorial and bureaucratic politics this entails.

We presented at the annual conference 2016 of the German Section of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. The conference was held at the German Research Institute for Public Administration in the city of Speyer.

An enhanced version of our presentation will be published as a chapter of the conference proceedings sometime in 2017.


Photo credits: "Panorama in Speyer", licensed CC BY-SA by LoKiLeCh

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