“Philippine Democracy: Stuck at the Halfway House” – Blogging my Master thesis for the University of Nottingham

I’ve taken another step in boiling down my Master thesis, which deals with the role of civil society in the Philippines’ democratic consolidation. After condensing my MA thesis to a journal article earlier this year, I’ve now turned it into a 1200-word blog post for the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Asia and Pacific Studies.

Taking cue from Patrick Dunleavy (“Shorter, better, faster, free: Blogging changes the nature of academic research, not just how it is communicated” & “How to write a blogpost from your journal article”), I chose to contribute my post to an existing multi-author blog dealing with the Philippines, where it may more easily find its audience.

The people at Nottingham were very happy to collaborate, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you feel like you could contribute to one of their blogs.

Here’s the blog post:

 Photo credit: Blumentritt market in Manila, Philippines by Thomas Moritz 

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