Potsdam university magazine reports on WIPCAD and my PhD project

In March 2015, my Research Training Group was approached by a journalist from Portal Wissen, the University of Potsdam’s magazine. They wanted to report on our Research Training Group and I happily volunteered to be interviewed along with one of my colleagues on our PhD projects.

It was an interesting challenge to break down my project in a way that could still be understood by a general audience but was still as brief as possible. Indeed, I had to tweak the paragraphs concerning my project quite a lot in the draft version of the article to get everything right, short and intelligible.

In the end, I am quite happy with how it turned out and I even managed to smuggle in a photo of Rio de Janeiro’s Operations Center to illustrate my project in particular and the struggle of public administrations with complex problems in general.

Read the article in English below, or open the German original.

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