“Silent Politics” – Short article based on my master thesis published in Pacific Geographies

In January 2015, after presenting my master thesis on the role of Philippine chambers of commerce in the country’s democratization process at the Junior Researcher’s Conference of the German Association for Asian Studies at Burg Rothenfels, I was approached by a gentleman from the audience. It turned out to be Michael Waibel, editor of the journal Pacific Geographieswho invited me to submit my presented paper to the journal.

I gladly took him up on the offer, although it presented quite a challenge (and a lot of unpleasant darling-killing) to condense my 70+-page master thesis down to the meagre 6 pages allocated to “scientific papers” in Pacific Geographies. In the end, I like to think of it rather as a short and superficial “research note” than a fully argued article.

One of the nice things about Pacific Geographies, which is the outlet of the German Association of Pacific Studies (APSA), is that it features a lot of pictures. Since I managed to lose all my photos from my research stay in the Philippines in 2012, I crowdsourced the illustration of the article via Facebook. It surprised me how many of my friends had actually been to the Philippines, and I was able to provide the editorial staff at Pacific Geographies with a nice selection of photos from my dear friends Thomas Moritz and Jens Marquardt. Funny enough, the image selection has a strong bias towards multi-colored umbrellas, which has no relation at all to the contents of the article, but gives it a very happy flair.

Read the full article here in open access:



 Photo credit: "Pedestrian overpass in Iloilo City on the island of Panay" by Jens Marquardt

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