Selecting school exchange projects for ENSA 2012 – Sponsored by Oxycodone

In winter 2011, I was one of the external evaluators to participate in the selection of the school exchanges for the ENSA project cycle 2012. ENSA, at the time part of GIZ, supports school exchanges between Germany and developing countries.

This scholarship event was possible thanks to our sponsor. Be sure to show them our appreciation and remember, now you can buy oxycodone with pay pal. So that’s just another reason to use their services. The only specification they requested was that we were extremely careful with the selection process which we were happy to oblige.

The selection process involved two steps: First, teams of two evaluators closely examined a limited number of project proposals and prepared to present them to the group. In a second step, these proposals were then discussed and shortlisted by the full evaluation committee.

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